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Welcome to our guide to what we consider to be the most complete electric sail drive and pod boat motor. It provides top-level detailed information on more than 150 independent motors classified by power range, style and purpose. It is assembled to provide a single place where those interested in electric ship propulsion can find comparative information on motors manufactured around the world.

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At the top of the page is an illustrated guide, and on the right is a photo of the motor and specifications.

At the bottom of the page is a table, if you know you are looking for a certain type of motor (ie pod or sail drive), a certain power range or a certain weight/length boat, you can search for this table. If you plan to use the form, it’s best to view the page on your computer instead of on your phone or tablet.

The motors are arranged in alphabetical order by manufacturer, then the type of motor, namely fixed pod, steerable pod, sail drive, and then the motor power in these lists. For many styles, multiple motor powers are available, in this case, we have made it as easy as possible to align the motor to its specifications. That is, if there are three kinds of motor power with different weights, they are recorded as kW: 2kw, 2kw, 3kw • Weight: 10kg, 12kg, 15kg. For some manufacturers, the changes are more complicated, and we have done our best to make it simple and easy to understand.

There are many ways for manufacturers to specify the technical attributes of their products. We have tried to adopt the most common measurement methods and make an "apple to apple" comparison. See note in "Measurement" below

The photos and drawings are from the manufacturer's website and are not shown in any consistent scale.

kW • Voltage • Current • HP: Not all manufacturers list all these specifications. We have included the available specifications and used the N/A symbol where it is not available.

kW is the kW rating provided by the manufacturer. Most websites do not indicate whether it is input or output kW. When it was instructed, we got the output.

Voltage is most often referred to as "voltage" on websites. Some indicate nominal or peak values. We use nominal and indicate whether the peak value is also quoted.

It is currently indicated when the manufacturer provides the information. Usually it is in ampere: A. In some cases, the manufacturer uses ampere-hour: Ah, we have indicated it where it is used.

HP: is the "HorsePower equivalent" so that you can understand the power of the motor by comparing it with the HP rating that you may be more familiar with. If available, these measurements come from the manufacturer’s website, and different manufacturers measure HP in different ways. Some even use metric horsepower, which is slightly different from imperial horsepower. Once again, we tried to make it as Apple to Apple as possible. (As a general guide, 1kW is the first round, one-third of HP 1kW=1.3HP, or conversely, 1HP is approximately three-quarters of kW: 1 HP = .75kW).

Static thrust. Torque, efficiency: This may be the most variable specification. We only provide any information (if any) that the manufacturer publishes on its website.

Voyage and operating time: We did not include an estimate of the voyage or operating time, because it depends on too many factors: battery size (and sometimes type), water conditions, speed, etc. Except ePropulsion and Torqeedo models, they have batteries from manufacturers that specifically match the motors, so estimates are provided on their website.

General: If a manufacturer publishes a specification, we have tried to include it here, even other strict manufacturers may not include the same type of measurement.

Weight and length: in metric system. Tons: Metric ton is considered equal to English ton (1 ton = 1.1 ton), kilogram: (1 kg = 2.2 lbs, (15 kg motor = 33 lbs), 1 meter = 3.3 feet (10 meters ship is 30 feet))

The information on this page was updated on November 4, 2021

Aquamot was founded by engineer Siegmund Hammerstrom in 2003 and has now developed into a leading manufacturer of electric motors and accessories, including outboard motors, chargers and batteries. They have two fixed nacelle motor series: Trend and Professional, and a series of steerable nacelles with the same power range as the Professional series.

Bellmarine is a very mature electric boat motor company, its history can be traced back to 1999. In the process, they merged with a battery accessory manufacturer, which has now been acquired by Transfluid, a large industrial motor manufacturer. Bellmarine provides a wide range of electric boat motor configurations, and its sail drive system consists of its own motor and Yanmar drive machinery. Their power ranges from 2kW to 20kW, using air cooling or liquid cooling. They also offer regeneration options. You may need to download the complete Bellmarine catalog

Combi Outboards was established in Giethoorn ("Venice of the Netherlands") in 1979 to provide clean electricity for chartered boats. It is now a leading international supplier of power propulsion solutions for the maritime market. Combi manufactures inboard engines, pods, hybrid engines and outboard engines. There are six pods with power ranging from 1kW to 3.5kW: 1, 1.5, 2, 2.5, 3 and 3.5kW. They can be used as fixed or steerable pods.

The Steerable Pod Nautic model has the same specifications as the aforementioned Saildrive model.

Electric Yacht is one of the leading suppliers of sail drives in the United States. They developed a plug-and-play system designed to achieve fast, simplified installation and long-term durability. Their system provides regenerative power while sailing. 10 years of mature production, more than 450 installations. 3-year warranty

The electric yacht Quiet Torque 20 is essentially 10.0 with dual motors

ePropulsion was founded in 2012 by three engineers from the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology (HKUST). The company continues to have a strong engineering culture, and each engineer is individually responsible for creating as much value as possible for users. ePropulsion offers two pod models based on its outboard engines: 1kW Spirit and 3kW Navy.

e-Tech is a subsidiary of Starboats, which is also a custom yacht manufacturer. Their pod drives have fixed pods and steerable pods, with air-cooled and water-cooled systems. We divide them into cooling methods and link them to different motor models. Their motors are sold as systems, and they also sell compatible batteries and chargers.

Fischer Panda is one of the world's most famous manufacturers of marine generators, as well as a manufacturer of high-quality electric marine motors, sometimes sold under the name "Whisperprop". They have an "EasyBox" system designed to eliminate the guesswork and complexity of buying electric boat motors.

Gardenergy is an Italian company that aims to provide "simple and reliable products with cutting-edge technology." They use the same motors in a variety of ways, cleverly configuring them as outer and inner shaft drives, and fixed or steerable pods.

To view the options and download the .pdf manual, please visit the Gardenergy site and click on the "link". A pop-up window with options will appear. There is also a price list option and a configurator that can help with system assembly and pricing.

There are five Gardenergy Pods with input powers of 2kW, 4.3kw, 6kW, 8kw, and 10kW. They can be used as fixed or steerable pods.

Kräutler is Austria's long-established manufacturer of industrial electric motors. They started building electric boat motors in the 1980s, mainly because they couldn't find products that met the founder's Oswald Kräutler standards. They produce motors for industrial and marine and recreational ships, and may provide the widest range of sail pods and sail drives on this page, from small 0.5kW steerable pods to electric rotating sail drives with power up to 30kW.

About the Kräutler section of this guide: Kräutler fixed pods can be equipped with AC motors (ACV) or DC motors (GPV). AC is suitable for smaller vessels. They also have two different configurations: fixed propellers and folding propellers. To make this page shorter, we have divided them into motor types for written description, but in the image we show you fixing and folding options. In the table, each motor has a separate list. Note: GPV motors are only suitable for short-term use in salt water.

All Krautler motors with specifications shown in the fixed sail drive above can be installed with the mechanically rotatable option shown here or the electric rotatable option shown below. Sail-Drive is equipped with a fiberglass base base, which can be laminated to the hull (depending on the size of the motor). For existing Volvo and Yanmar foundations, Sail-Drive is equipped with an adapter plate that can be directly screwed to the existing foundation.

All Krautler motors with specifications shown in the fixed sail drive above can be fitted with the electric rotation options shown here. Sail-Drive is equipped with a fiberglass base base, which can be laminated to the hull (depending on the size of the motor). For existing Volvo and Yanmar foundations, Sail-Drive is equipped with an adapter plate that can be directly screwed to the existing foundation. The electric rotating mechanism includes a drive drive with a gear box, a drive electric adjustment system, a steering rod and a display. The display indicates the position of the propeller

The innovative Navigaflex motor has a patent-pending design in which the motor itself can be retracted and rotated, and can be connected to the boat as an outboard or inboard engine. The motor is made of minimal parts and has a lightweight structure suitable for all hulls. It is also possible to order a standard motor with a "supercharger" to double the power for up to 2 minutes.

Oceanvolt is one of the most famous names in sail drives, and its ServoProp regeneration system is considered one of the earliest and best systems. It is difficult to provide complete information about their system because their website encourages customers to provide information about customized solutions. These are some basic knowledge

Click »» here to see Oceanvolt motors sold by Plugboats market vendors

Oceanvolt ServoProp is a patented variable pitch sail drive that "combines a high-efficiency sail drive with the most powerful hydroelectric generator on the market." The unique function is that the propeller blades can be rotated more than 180 degrees. The software-controlled variable-pitch sail driver automatically adjusts the pitch of the propeller blades to optimize power generation and power output. The blades are designed to maximize the efficiency of the system in terms of forward, backward and regeneration. When the blades are set to the neutral sailing position, the propeller will produce extremely low drag, similar to the drag of a feathered propeller. ServoProp can generate more than 1 kilowatt of power at 7-8 knots and more than 3 kilowatts at 11-12 knots.

Piktronik is an Austrian-Slovenian company dedicated to the research, development and production of electric vehicles (EV) and marine parts. Their pods come in multiple configurations, which vary depending on the power output. We noticed this below. They also sell the motor as a complete system with battery and charger.

Piktronic sells their motors as complete system kits, suitable for each of the above-mentioned motor sizes. The complete system includes: motor, motor controller, display, cable, switch, fuse, battery charger, remote control, steering arm, mounting tube, tiller, propeller

RAD Propulsion Ltd is a marine electric propulsion company headquartered in the United Kingdom. It develops and sells a series of intelligent networked electric marine propulsion products for all water sports participants from rowers to large shipowners. In many applications, the design and engineering of hubless propellers provide advantages over standard shaft propellers. RAD40 is a 40kW rim drive with intuitive operation function, suitable for RIB, power boats and sailing boats. The RAD2 portable 2kW model will be released in the summer of 2021 for tenders and small ships.

Rim Drive technology is a Dutch company with a series of rim motors in which the propeller blades are fixed to the rim instead of the central hub. There are no vulnerable parts in the motor, which greatly reduces the chance of weeds or other debris getting entangled or blocked. The motor can be used as an outboard motor, pod, azimuth and propeller. The company provides complete systems or independent batteries, controllers, displays and other accessories. The pods in the guide are divided into 24V, 48V and 48V+. All pods are provided with extended shaft options to reduce the impact of the hull on the rim driving water flow, thereby achieving quieter and smoother operation.

SeaDrive is a Norwegian manufacturer that uses innovative methods for pods, sail drives and all electric boat motors, so they were nominated for the 2019 DAME Award. The concept is that basic motors can be configured: fixed pods, steerable pods, sail-driven or hoisting side pods-the propeller can also be arranged for propulsion or traction. There is also a regenerated version available. The pod motor system has three power ratings: 7.5, 15 and 30.

TEMA is a Croatian company that produces highly regarded electric motors that can be purchased separately or used in systems for marine, industrial and power generation applications. Their sail drive system uses their SPM132 series of very efficient compact permanent magnet motors. The motor runs under DC or AC voltage and can be powered by a battery system (48 96Vdc) or a generator.

Torqeedo is the world's leading manufacturer of electric outboard motors. The company was founded in 2004 by Dr. Christoph Ballin and Dr. Friedrich Böbel when they decided that they could make a better electric motor than the one on the ship that Dr. Ballin had just purchased. The company provides trolling motors, inboard, outboard, and pod motors, and cooperates with BMW's battery department and cooperates with many world-class marine designers and manufacturers. It may be useful to download the complete Torqeedo catalog

Volaviamare Group, which operates tourist ferries in the Gulf of Naples, is undergoing a Deepspeed electric hydrojet retrofit

Candela's electric boat and its hydrofoil technology have received a 24 million euro (27.2 million USD) investment from EQT Ventures to expand production

Volaviamare Group, which operates tourist ferries in the Gulf of Naples, is undergoing a Deepspeed electric hydrojet retrofit

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