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Snow shoveling is a tiring and time-consuming task. Although the pneumatic snow blower is powerful, the equipment is heavy, noisy, and difficult to operate. Electric snow blowers may be your best way to recover outdoor surfaces from a snowstorm.

These winter tools are lighter and easier to operate than gas tools. They are also quieter, easier to use and maintain, without the need to replace spark plugs, oil changes, and other maintenance work required for internal combustion engines. Some are even battery-powered, so users will not be tied to an electrical outlet when clearing the driveway.

Read on to see some of the best electric snow blower models available and tips on choosing the ideal machine.

When deciding to use an electric snow blower, many factors need to be considered, including the amount and depth of snow it can move, comfort and maneuverability, and so on. Read on to learn about these and other important snow blower features.

Snow blowers belong to one of three categories: single-stage, two-stage or three-stage fans.

When calculating the clearing width and depth, please consider driveways, sidewalks, and any other areas around the house where snow must be cleared. Some snow blowers have very small air intakes that can remove 6 inches of snow, while other models have deep air intakes, 12 inches.

As these models continue to collect and throw snow, spraying non-stick spray on the chute and mouth of the blower can be a good investment to prevent lumps and ice solidification. When the functions are complete, the sweeping width is related to the number of stages of the blower.

Because snow blowers are cumbersome and inconvenient to operate, many users want self-propelled models. Unlike gas snow blowers, battery-powered models have a digital drive system and can propel themselves, but they usually have variable speed augers to speed up snow removal. By increasing the speed of shoveling and throwing snow through the chute, the auger can move the machine in light snow more easily. However, the variable speed auger is not effective in clearing thick snow.

The chute is a curved hollow tube that extends from the rear of the air inlet of the snow blower and provides a path for the snow thrown from the machine. On most blowers, a manual crank or joystick allows the user to change the angle and direction of the moving snow. However, a high-quality snow blower has an automatically rotating chute, and the user can turn it by pressing a button near the handle without stopping the machine. The angle of certain chutes can also be changed to allow snow blowers to throw snow farther.

The snow blower is moved by wheels or tracks. The wheeled model has two large rear wheels that can drive the snow blower forward. The track of the track model is similar to that of a tank. The track usually has a non-slip coating suitable for paved and unpaved surfaces.

Therefore, crawler snow blowers provide significantly better traction in the snow, allowing them to climb steep slopes better without slipping backwards. Most crawler snow blowers are two-stage and three-stage models, because single-stage models usually do not generate enough power to drive the tracks. Compared with wheeled models, they are also closer to the surface, leaving a thinner layer of ice and snow on the driveway or sidewalk.

In contrast, wheeled snow blowers are easier to turn because the crawler model does not rotate. Wheel sizes for single-stage snow blowers range from 6 to 8 inches. Larger wheels perform better in deeper snow, while smaller wheels are easier to maneuver. In addition, wheeled models are generally faster than tracked models. In other words, some higher-end crawler snow blowers provide faster speeds and dime technology, making them comparable to wheeled models in terms of speed and maneuverability.

The type of terrain will also influence which of these options is best for you. Paved surfaces, such as driveways and sidewalks, are best suited for wheeled snow blowers. Tracked snow blowers are more suitable for unpaved surfaces. The grade also has a significant impact; a steep lane requires a snow blower with good traction and sufficient power to pull it up the snow-covered slope.

Some of the best electric snow blowers have special features designed to make snow removal easier and more comfortable.

Here are some of the best electric snow blowers that stand out for their quality, ease of use and effectiveness.

Snow Joe blowers can shorten the working hours of snow lanes. Snow Joe is powered by a 15-amp electric motor and throws snow to 25 feet through a single-stage auger system. This blower weighs 35 pounds, which is about half the weight of a gas blower, making it easier to operate.

Factory lubrication of the auger and motor can extend the life of the blower, thereby reducing maintenance costs. At 22 inches, the Snow Joe snow blower has one of the larger openings in the electric blower market. This model can throw up to 840 pounds of light snow per minute. Heavy snow may get stuck in the chute, but the accompanying removal tool helps to remove obstacles without risking the operator.

This Snow Joe model is equipped with two 24-volt rechargeable batteries, each battery can run for 40 minutes, and each charge can generate up to 14 tons of snow. This cordless snow blower weighs 40 pounds, which is heavier, but far lighter than gas-powered products.

In one pass, a four-blade rubber-pointed steel auger chiseled a path 18 inches wide and 10 inches deep. The 180-degree adjustable snow chute can throw snow up to 20 feet. A pair of LED headlights make snow removal at night or in the morning safer and easier.

Although battery-powered lawn tools provide the convenience, low maintenance, and ease of use of wireless technology, the power and runtime compromises may make them impractical. This is not the case with this snow blower from EGO Power+, a cordless tool specialist. This model weighs 43 pounds, is powered by two sturdy 5.0Ah batteries, and can provide up to 60 minutes of use.

This snow blower has a 21-inch wide air inlet and a snow capacity of up to 8 inches, which is comparable to many pneumatic and wired single-stage snow blowers. Moreover, it throws snow up to 35 feet, making it easier to clear a wide driveway. The snow blower also includes easy-to-use features, including push-button start, variable speed control and LED headlights for night use. The fast charger can fully charge the battery in approximately 45 minutes.

This Greenworks snow blower is equipped with a rugged 80-volt battery that provides an astonishing level of performance. The juice produced by the battery is enough to make this cordless snow blower on a par with gas and corded single-stage snow blowers, and its air intake can clear a 20-inch wide path and handle up to 10 inches of snow. The 8-inch rear wheel provides sufficient height for deeper snow.

Thanks to its 2.0Ah battery and fast charging function, this Greenworks snowplow can last up to 45 minutes on a single charge, and the charging time is about 30 minutes. Multiple features make this 33-pound model easy to use, including one-button start, a foldable handle for easy storage, high-intensity LED headlights for night use, and a chute that can be rotated 180 degrees for efficient snow removal.

Greenworks 2600802 is a powerful wired snow shovel with a simple button start function. It can handle snow as deep as 6 inches. It can remove 12-inch wide strips, so it is suitable for light snow on sidewalks, porches, and decks. This shovel can throw fresh snow up to 20 feet.

The bottom scraper is designed to slide under the snow, making it easier for the rotating spiral blades to lift the snow and blow it out of the discharge trough. The adjustable second handle helps users hold the 14-pound machine firmly.

This Snow Joe single-stage model uses a 15 amp motor to throw snow up to 15 feet, and unlike some snow blowers, it uses a steel auger for added durability. This model weighs about 35 pounds. Although it does not have a transmission drive system, it is light enough to be maneuvered without automatic driving wheels.

The hand-cranked snow trough can be adjusted to 180 degrees and throws snow for about 15 feet at a rate of 800 pounds per minute. This device can carve light snow up to 10 inches deep. Three LED headlights make farming possible in the dark winter.

This lightweight and easy-to-operate Greenworks wired blower weighs only 30 pounds, making it the lightest and easiest choice in its class. For light snow removal, Greenworks snowplows can remove 10 inches of snow and throw it up to 20 feet away.

The tool requires a heavy-duty external No. 12 or No. 14 extension cord to operate. It has a bright LED light that illuminates the road in dim light and is easy to start by pressing a button. This single-stage snow blower will remove belts up to 20 inches long.

Our first choice for the best electric snow blower is Snow Joe SJ627E. This single-stage blower can throw snow 25 feet away, and its 22-inch clearing width allows it to remove 840 pounds of snow per minute. Although this advice is to remove snow evenly on the driveway or sidewalk, it is roped, and if it is used in a large area, it may need to be extended.

Alternatively, Snow Joe iON+ is wireless and can be used for heavy snowfall in large lanes or lots. The price of this blower is relatively low. It can move more than 14 tons of snow on a single charge. It is equipped with 2 rechargeable 24 volt batteries and has a clearing width of 18 inches. It can move enough snow for each pass.

The right electric blower can clean your sidewalk, driveway, sidewalk or porch after heavy snowfall. Each of the above snow blowers is light in weight, easy to operate, requires almost no maintenance, and is highly efficient. It is an ideal choice for snow removal according to your personal preferences.

The electric model above has sufficient cleaning width to remove a large amount of snow with each pass, ranging from 12 to 22 inches. With this, these blowers can also throw snow to a distance of 15 to 20 feet, moving hundreds of pounds of snow per minute. Many of the above models are also very light and easy to operate.

Although some options are wired and may require extension cords, each option can clear enough surface area within minutes. Selected options also have special features, such as one-button start, LED lights, adjustable ski slopes, foldable handles and chargers to increase convenience.

After studying the features and benefits of these tools, you may still have some questions. The following questions are the most frequently asked questions by buyers of electric snow blowers.

The single-stage snow blower is made of a horizontal auger that scoops up and throws snow 15-25 feet away. The two-stage blower includes an auger and impeller, which can absorb a large amount of snow and throw it to a distance of 35 feet.

It is recommended to use a snow blower during or near the end of heavy snow to prevent a large amount of snow from sticking to the ground. Moving light snow multiple times is easier than clearing large amounts of snow.

The service life of single-stage snow blowers is usually up to 10 years, while the service life of two-stage and three-stage snow blowers is usually 15-25 years.

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