Future technical lubrication solutions for the food and beverage industry

2021-12-16 07:20:01 By : Ms. Nicole Wu

In recent years, ROCOL brand food-grade lubricants have made waves in major food chains. Steve Keown said, "ROCOL's slightly higher price point can be fully compensated by the quality of its products."

"If there is no reliable, certifiable lubrication product, manufacturers will definitely encounter production problems," said CBC National ITW Polymers and Fluids Product Manager.

ROCOL's Foodlube product range includes hydraulic oils, transmission oils, compressor oils and greases for chains, sprockets and bearings. All ROCOL Foodlube products are food grade, which means they are suitable for food production or clean manufacturing environments.

"ROCOL produces high-end lubricants, which can check whether each box is certified, and in some cases can also improve the performance of the components. Therefore, as long as the purchasing manager expands the extensive ROCOL certification list, it will automatically guarantee that they can sleep at night. Because they know the certification is met and production runs smoothly."

These products have been registered with NSF H1 to prevent accidental contact with food, and only use FDA-approved ingredients, and do not contain mineral hydrocarbons, genetically modified organisms, and nut oils and their derivatives.

"Most importantly, food-grade lubricants meet multiple standards; for example, "food-specific" certification for many applications on the manufacturer's site," Steve asserts. "But it is also important to ensure that a consistent supply chain is available. Due to travel restrictions, certain products are now difficult to import, but ROCOL has a high-tech manufacturing facility in Australia, so the products they make in Australia are always reliable."

Although not owned by Australians, ROCOL has an interesting history to learn from.

The ROCOL brand was acquired by Illinois Tool Works (ITW) in 1999, but its origins can be traced back to 1878, when the Russian chemist Victor Ivanovitch Ragosine developed his first non-corrosive lubricant, and then he used this lubricant As the first product sold in Europe.

A businessman in Leeds eventually acquired Ragosine and Company Ltd, or "ROCOL" for short, and turned it into one of the most famous industrial lubricant companies in the world. Today, ROCOL has a reputation for producing innovative, high-quality industrial lubricants that are made with high-quality ingredients and are widely recognized for their longevity.

ITW Polymers & Fluids heavy industry brand manager Connor Devereux outlined some of the key products in the ROCOL Foodlube series to provide customers who value equipment performance with "complete lubrication solutions."

According to Conner, a series of high-performance fully synthetic gear oils combines ROCOLS's unique start-up protection system (SUPS) and anti-wear additives. Foodlube Hi Torque products can provide the greatest degree of lubrication and protection for all types of gearboxes.

"Our Hi-Torque transmission oil can significantly extend the replacement interval, thereby increasing the efficiency of the maintenance process and the availability of the machine," Connor said.

All viscosities of ROCOL Foodlube Hi-Torque transmission oil have the following characteristics:

A series of high-performance fully synthetic food grade oils used in compressors, hydraulic systems, vacuum pumps and piping systems. ROCOL Foodlube Hi Power fluids can also be used in chain and gearbox applications in extreme low temperature applications (down to minus 50°C).

All viscosity characteristics of ROCOL Foodlube Hi Power hydraulic oil:

ROCOL Foodlube aerosol has a wide range of applications, and all applications include ROCOL’s unique DETEX® technology, so it is essential for any food factory to work outside the "red line".

"Our DETEX® metal detectable components for aerosols are designed to help food processing plants meet strict HACCP requirements," Connor explains. "All blue DETEX® removable plastic parts can be metal detected and can be detected by most metal detection equipment and X-ray machines."

Foodlube Spray is a high-performance, multi-functional lubricant spray for all-round light lubrication of small bearings, pins, bushes and sliders.

"Our sprays are also suitable for use as food-grade drilling, tapping and cutting lubricants, especially when maintenance must be performed in processing areas beyond the red line," Conner said.

Customers can rely on CBC as a distributor of the full range of ROCOL Foodlube products and inquire about which products to use for specific applications.

"We will go to your factory to see everything from the lubricant in the gearbox to the hydraulic system, compressor, air system and packaging," Steve said. "We hope that by providing reliable and high-quality solutions and working with ROCOL's team, we can ensure that our customers get a lubricant suitable for the job, so as to alleviate the pain of maintenance personnel."

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